Snider Energy DEF Distributor

Your source for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in the Pacific Northwest!

Looking for a DEF supplier? Look no further!

Snider Energy is the most friendly, reliable DEF distributor in the area!

We've been in business serving the Puget Sound region since 1947.  We supply bulk DEF to Fleet Operators, Owner-Operators, Resellers, Truck Stops, Truck Dealerships, and pretty much anyone else who uses or needs bulk DEF.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Solutions from Snider Energy, the Reliable Quality DEF Supplier in the Pacific Northwest 
Diesel Exhaust Fluid from Snider Energy means a guaranteed DEF supply in the Pacific Northwest.  We source our DEF from the world’s largest Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers and producers. This ensures you continuity of supply in quality DEF across the US.  Our DEF complies with the highest industry standards in Diesel Exhaust Fluid, certified by American Petroleum Institute (API).  You can be sure your SCR vehicle will function flawlessly by using Diesel Exhaust Fluid from Snider Energy.

Snider Energy, you local Distributor

Since 1947, Snider Energy has serviced fleet customers located throughout the Puget Sound region.  As a leading fuel and lubricants distributor, Snider has the expertize and equipment to service the demands of any size fleet.  Snider offers a wide variety of storage and dispensing options including storage tanks, mini-bulk units, 275 gallons intermediate bulk containers, 55 gallons drums and 2.5 and 1 gallon bottles.  Snider can supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid in bulk by tanker directly to our customers with their own storage systems. In addition to installation of the equipment, we offer automatic DEF delivery service.  All of Snider's bulk delivery equipment is DEF compatible to insure product integrity. 

Why we stand out from the rest:

  • High Quality API Certified DEF 
  • Bulk delivery using certified DEF handling equipment.
  • Reliable, Guaranteed Supply of DEF.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers! 


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